Join Storyteller J’miah Nabawi for Live Oak Public Libraries’ 2015 Summer Reading Program

Storyteller J’miah Nabawi  (a.k.a The Original Storybook Man) will be one of the featured storytellers this summer as he tours several of Live Oak Public Libraries’ Chatham, Effingham and Liberty Counties branches to present storytelling and related interactive activities for “Every Hero Has a Story” (for the children) and  “Unmask!” for teen audiences.  JMIAH-PROMOTING-FAMILY-LIT-FOR-SCBFESTIVAL

“I always look forward to these thematic Summer (Vacation) Reading Programs because   they challenge me to expand my repertoire of stories, first of all; and then, the fun in creating these ‘spontaneous, interactive storytelling ensembles’ from the audience.  Folks in the audience, especially family audiences with children and teens,  are always game to take on playing an instrument or being a particular character for the duration of the show. Total improvisation! I just LOVE it! This year, I’m inviting Teens for Literacy (T4L). T4L is a program for teens who enjoy reading and are interested in promoting literacy and the joy of reading through reading aloud to lower grades and grade-level peers in classrooms to promote reading and get everyone excited about reading. I’ve invited them to join me at a couple of the branches this summer. There may also be some public libraries visits for me to Charleston, (SC) and down to Miami this year. It’s been a while. We’ll see. I’m definitely game for that!” ~ Storyteller J’miah Nabawi

Teens for Literacy (T4L) with Dr. Linda Ann McCall, Dr. Hobe, and T4L founder, Dr. Berger, sponsor Storyteller J'miah Nabawi's school visit right this past December, 2014.
Teens for Literacy (T4L) with Dr. Linda Ann McCall, Dr. Hobe, and T4L founder, Dr. Berger, sponsor Storyteller J’miah Nabawi’s school visit right this past December, 2014.

 Click on this link to learn more about Armstrong University’s Teens for Literacy program.

  “Many libraries around the country utilize the Collaborative Summer Library Program, which provides resources and programming ideas tied to a theme as well as promotional materials. The 2015 theme for children is a ‘Every Hero Has a Story’ and for teens is ‘Unmask!'” ~ Molly Wett

Read the full article, Building Heroes: Program Ideas for Summer Reading 2015, click on this link.


It’s coming back!


@RADioREadALoud will be hosted by J’miah Nabawi and produced by Books for Growing Minds in 2017.

“Through the voice-waves of the electronic media, we breath and speak words that empower, create confidence, life-skills, literacy. Random Acts of Reading Aloud™ will pop up all over America!” ~ J’miah Nabawi

I Geek Live Oak Public Libraries' Message Book Marks
Some colorful promo cards and book marks for Live Oak Public Libraries’ Galas and Vacation Reading Program “Book Markers with a Message.”