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Founded by J’miah Nabawi in 2015, Books for Growing Minds™  is based in Savannah, Georgia (USA).  We tell tales, write and retell stories, and publish books with the purpose of preserving and promoting the timeless oral traditions of storytelling. Our mission is to publish and present folktales, stories and authors who promote and perpetuate “oral literature” and stories (fictional and non-fictional) that encourage family time, wellness and meaningful play.  We encourage families and communities to create their “gather-around-the-storyteller” moments in anticipation for stories, legends, testimonies and the countless folk and fairy tales of old as well as the new.  Whether expressed from the deep vibrated roar of a lion or signed with the expressive motion of sign-language, through storytelling and independent publishing our aim is to perpetuate and reflect the various folkways and attitudes of our one humanity.  We encourage family literacy and parent engagement through interactive play presented during storytelling performances, conferences and workshops.

Enriching lives through world literature and cultural diversity, Books for Growing Minds™ offers Dynamic Storytelling Programs,

fun Parent Engagement Workshops, quality alternative books for reading and presenting ensemble storytelling and opportunities for “Collaborative Creative Writing That Lead to Self-Publishing” and opportunities to illustrate our books for children, teens and adults. 

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