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WHOLE FOODS MARKET (Savannah) every “First Sunday of the Month” from 2 – 3 pm with WORLD-BEAT BOOKS™ — an interactive, language-rich storytelling and reading-aloud presentation of classic folktales and stories drawn from world literature, each month will have its featured story and snack.
The snack will be an item that had been featured in the storybook or folktale. Last month, for #SuperBowl Sunday, the featured storybook was Little Red Hen Makes a Pizza.   And what was the featured snack? Right! Pizza! And for those who may not be able to have gluten and other products related to Food Allergies, there are more than one way to make delicious pizza. 

Featured Storybook for March, 

NahNah Binyah’s Talking Sweet Potatoes


 Join us!






I N T E R N A T I O N A L   T E N T !


From the book, Why Spiders Hide in Corners (Anansi Makes It So!), written by J’miah Nabawi and Illustrated by Tasica Singleton. Anansi Makes It So! will be available and on sale during the Savannah Children’s Books Festival.

R E A D   A L L   A B O U T   I T   I N 

“C O N N E C T    S A V A N N A H”

W E D N E S D A Y,  N O V E M B E R 1 5, 2 0 1 7  

ANANSEsem kyiri kasa!

Storytelling does not like idle talk!  Interactive Storytelling, Drum-Talk Drums and Games. From Florence, SC, Southside Middle School Drama I & II Students with the Fines Arts Department Chair, Ms. Gloria P. Turner,  are 50+ strong, lively and back at International Tent with Three Tales Tall


International Tent Program Schedule


11am – Bringing Storybooks to Life.
A parent engagement workshop and demonstration through various languages and folktales.

Presented by Storyteller J’miah Nabawi


12pm – Southside Middle School, Florence, SC, Drama I & II Honors Students present

Humpty Dumpty and the Mysterious Fall 

Mouse, Deer and Tiger 


Come meet our special guests of

Drama 1 and Drama II Honors students from Southside Middle School, Florence, SC


1pm – International House
Presented by Savannah State University’s International Student Association 
Speakers of other languages from our communities at large and visitors to the area are welcomed to come share. Hands-on activities included.


2pm – The Moral of the Story Is . . . “Genius is Common” 

Presented by J’miah Nabawi
A selection of Aesop and other stories/fables/folktales about intellect and self-realization that align with the quotes: 

“Everybody is a genius” ~ Albert Einstein

“Genius is Common” ~ Bruce George


3pm – Drum-Talk Drums

Presented by J’miah Nabawi, the All-In Drum Circle will be facilitated by drummer Liz “Kemi” Coleman

Big heaps of THANK YOUs to our product sponsors and supporters Saraz Handpans of Ashville, NC

and The Original People Brand of Hong Kong, China

The International Tent’s Festive Finale is our way to end the literary day with invited guests in celebration of our authors, illustrators, read-aloud guests and local communities in the form of a lively drum circle. Your tambourines, claves, bongos, congas, African, Indian (etc.) the bodhrán framed and similar drums and small whistles are invited.
Congrats and drum-beats of encouragement go out to the new Susie King Taylor Community School, Savannah, GA and WSAV’s Weatherwise Kids segments. 
Hey y’all, come play with us!

Please note: Hand drums, hand-held percussion instruments only, please. Flutes are welcomed.









Past Events                                      Past Events


                                   Past Events                                                                                        Past Events

                                                                                                     Past Events                                                                                        Past Events

Past Events                                                                                        Past Events



September 30, 2017 

Charleston, SC

Historic Savannah Foundation: The Block Party

Storyteller J’miah Nabawi presents WOOD Makes Music!™


Block Party 6

Saturday, May 13th
at Guerry Lumber Yard

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Sponsored by
Sponsor Guerry

11:00 AM – 3:00 PM
Location: 123 West 44th Street

What better place to see the bare bones of preservation than a lumber yard! Join us as we celebrate Guerry Lumber’s 90th anniversary through demonstrations and workshops highlighting the art of preservation. This festive and family friendly event will consist of:

•   Live Music
•   Food & Drink
•   Educational Exhibits
•   Student Exhibits
•   Craftsmen Exhibits
•   Bike Valet
•   Early 19th Century dancing demonstration by the Davenport House Museum Dancers
Free and open to the public.




Lunch and Learn

Thursday, February 16, 2017

at 12:30 pm

 “The Write Attitude” is SSU’s Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP), a campus-wide initiative to enhance student learning by improving attitudes about writing.


Come join us at The Westin Savannah Harbor & Savannah Harbor Foundation to meet Authors from the Savannah Quill to help raise funds for the Savannah Harbor Foundation and the Savannah Quill. $5 donation for entry. This year the Savannah Harbor Holiday Series at The Westin Savannah Harbor will feature the South’s Best Santa Claus, world famous Gingerbread Village & Competition, daily events from local organizations and holiday treats at the ICE BAR and NORTH “POOL”.

Josh Vazquez, author of Savannah Zombie novels, and Winfield Strock III, author of Red Sounding, Adventures Above the Aether and more, will be part of the book signing.

Storyteller J’miah Nabawi will be performing and releasing his new book!


BFGM Promo Card


Storyteller J’miah Nabawi joins 13th annual Savannah Children’s Book Festival

Storyteller J’miah Nabawi joins 13th annual Savannah Children’s Book Festival

Our partner, Live Oak Public Libraries, and the City of Savannah’s Department of Cultural Affairs,  is presenting the 13th annual Savannah Children’s Book Festival on Saturday, Nov. 12, 2016, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Forsyth Park. Local Storyteller J’miah Nabawi is performing this year as well at the Savannah Children’s Book Festival. Nabawi’s amazing storytelling has thrilled children for over the last 30 years.  Nabawi is our guest of honor at the upcoming Savannah Quill book convention on March 11, 2017.


Dr. Dana Taylor

Dr. Dana L. Taylor will serve as the Official American Sign Language Interpreter for the 2016 Savannah Children’s Book Festival. This will be Dr. Taylor’s eleventh year as the festival’s American Sign Language Interpreter, having been the principal interpreter and primary consultant since the festival’s interest in providing Sign Language interpreting services for Savannah’s deaf individuals and community. Dr. Taylor will also be interpreting for Nabawi. For more information about Dr. Taylor, please check out her bio here. Below is a questions and answers interview we had with Nabawi about the upcoming festival.

SQ: Please talk about what you will be doing at the festival.

JN: Hi, Adam! At this year’s 2016 Savannah Children’s Book Festival, I will open the International Tent with an 11am interactive workshop for parents, teachers, children of all ages whom may have always wanted to do storytelling as a performance or reading aloud to an audience in a way to engage people, especially children. The workshop is called Bringing Storybooks Alive: Let’s Make the Animals Talk! More details and the International Tent schedule can be found at

SQ: How many years have you been going?

JN: Actually, this past August 26, 2016 made exactly thirty years to the day when I first stepped out on a stage in Philly to tell tales and stories to a community of retirees and their grandchildren.

SQ: Please tell the readers about your history of how you became a storyteller.

JN: Briefly, I had just returned home from having lived in Guadalajara, Jalisco Mexico for several years and wanted to see what was up and going on in Philly that weekend. The Philadelphia Museum of Art was featuring a well-known African Griot (Storyteller and much more), Djimo Kouyate, from Senegal, West Africa. I went to go see it and was quite impressed and inspired by his engaging storytelling and use of various African instruments. The following weekend, I saw that “the Official Storyteller of Philadelphia, Linda Goss, was being featured for a family program of storytelling at The Please Touch Museum. I went to see it and again, the high energy and how she was engaging the audience and getting the children and adults to participate (myself included) both in their seats and on stage I believe was the factor that really got me thinking and wondering if it was something I could. After the show, I introduced myself to Ms. Goss, she invited me to her workshop, took me under her wings as a mentee and, as we all say, the rest is history. I credit her for really having gotten me involved with storytelling on a professional level. The longer version of this story will be in my book, I Tell Tales, forthcoming in March, 2017.

SQ: Please tell the readers about your upcoming book.

JN: Apart from I Tell Tales, first the most recent is Why Spiders Hide in Corners (Ananse Makes It So!). Now having some experience under my belt, my mentor Ms. Goss invited me to submit a story for the book she was doing for a Simon and Schuster publication, Talk That Talk: An Anthology of African and African American Storytelling. My first “stand alone” self-published book, it can now be found in Spanish, French and Mandarin Chinse thanks to some friends and is currently in Amazon’s global markets. However, I’m really excited about a series I’ve named Three Tales Tall. Each book will feature a combination of either three stories, folktales or both that I either retell, adapt for performances or write anew. Available next month are: Three Tales Tall: Sungurah ~ The Great Wall of China~ Bruh Rabbit; and Three Tales Tall: Sun and Moon ~ Life ~ Justice Prevails. Both volumes featuring stories from China, Ethiopia, Kenya and the Southeastern United States.

SQ: What do you say to aspiring story tellers and authors?

JN: Follow your interests and a model/style of storytelling and story-writing, a mentor; check out the various storytellers and make conversation with those you connect with; like-mindness is cool. Some of these may lead you to your niche where you feel more like yourself. Influences are alright as long as within that you find your own voice and vision to where you can say, “this feels more like me.”

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Join us at the 2016 Savannah Children’s Books Festival

Be sure to visit Storyteller J’miah Nabawi at


With Storyteller J’miah Nabawi as Our Host Presenter

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Where: Forsyth Park (Gaston and Drayton Streets)

Time: 10:30 AM – 4:00 PM

Program Schedule

11 AM

Bringing Storybooks Alive: Let’s Make the Animals Talk!

2009SCBF_Internationaltent_byTori-347With Ananse the Spider-Man, Mosquitos Buzzing in Ears and NahNah Binyah’s Talking Sweet Potatoes, parents, teachers, corporates and anyone wanting to come out of their comfort zone while reading aloud to children will learn to play with storytelling and reading aloud. Bring your favorite storybook and be ready to bring your storybook into the action! For all ages. Now let everybody scream “PARANGARICUTIRIMICUARO-O-O-O!”

Presenter: Storyteller J’miah Nabawi

Click this link to learn more here!




Hadithi-i-i-i! Njoo! Njoo! Njoo! Hujambo-o-o nyote-e-e!  Stories! Come! Come! Come! Greetings everyone! Join J’miah at the 2015 Savannah Children’s Book Festival where you will find him hosting and presenting at the festival’s International Tent.

SouthsideMiddle School Drama and Honor stdnts_DeptHead Gloria Turner_SCBF2014SCBF2014.Southside Middle Schl


Starting off with a shout out and invitation to Southside Middle School (Florence, SC, above photos) and its Fine Arts Department of Drama and Honor Students for “a return visit” to Savannah (GA) for the 2015 Savannah Children’s Books Festival and International Tent.  After having rocked the park and festival with their animated, upbeat personalities and performances last year, this animated group of 7th and 8th graders will be joining J’miah as they present their own arrangements of folktales from around the world and possibly one of J’miah’s stories that has since been published as a book.

This year for the 2015 Savannah Children’s Book Festival, you’ll find Storyteller J’miah Nabawi with his brand of interactive storytelling and creating spontaneous “storytelling and choral reading aloud ensembles” with his INTERNATIONAL TENT guests and festival goers. With an array of hand held musical instruments, dance and fun, the universal language of play will take the stage.  Come with your Twi, Yoruba, Spanish, French, Ki-Swahili, Gullah, Chinese, Hindi, Japanese, Serbian, Russian, Vietnamese . . . whichever language you play and tell tales in and ready to share with J’miah at the 2015 Savannah Children’s Book Festival.


“J’miah Nabawi is Savannah’s pied piper of children’s fun and folklore.”

~Live Oak Public Libraries




Libros en vivos: Storybooks alive!


J’miah with his “action storytelling” for the Savannah Children’s Book Festival’s “Authors Visit” at South Effingham (GA) High School

To bring J’miah to your event, send inquiries to:

Subject: Invitation


Jmiah Nabawi and the Legendary Ella Jenkins at Savannah Childrens Book Festival 2006


Storyteller J’miah Nabawi is Keynote speaker and workshop presenter at Georgia Public Libraries’ Annual Service Convention, Macon, GA 2008

Georgia Public Library Service 469 Photos. August … Morning Keynote Speaker. … Storyteller J’Miah Nabawi

(Keynote: “World-beat Books: Presenting Children’s Literature and 

Reading Through the Drum-Talk Drum Circle”)


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