Putting on the Arts™ by J’miah Nabawi

Learn more here: http://artsdouglas.org/family-artsventures-jmiah-nabawi-theres-rhythm-in-the-telling/"Storytelling (Anansesem) and its accompanying songs represent a family tree with roots, stems, branches and leaves. Ananse stories without their corresponding 'mmoguo' (recreational folktales songs) is like a dead tree." ~ Dr. Kwasi Aduonum, world renowned Ghanaian Ethnomusicologist

Presenting Arts Integration Content for Georgia Standards of Excellence (GSE) on Africa in 2020

"There’s Rhythm in the Telling of a Tale™" Focus areas: West Africa, Central Africa, Kenya and South Africa. An interdisciplinary arts-based presentation reflective of the story-dance-musical folktale drama of Africa, the program is available as a hands-on resource for schools, museums and community arts programming seeking activities related to the…

Ananse (Anansi) the Spider, wife Okonori Yaa, and family are in China!

The Newest Mandarin Chinese translation of J'miah Nabawi's Ananse Makes It So! (Why Spiders Hide in Corners) enters China at Jiujiang University, thanks to dear friend and former Savannah State Uuniversity (SSU) Chinese instructor, Zhang Chunzi (Zhang lao shi). 为什么蜘蛛总是躲在角落里 Why do spiders hide in corners? "We LOVE this illustrated…
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