ANANSEsem Folk-Drama Ensemble

ANANSEsem Folk-Drama Ensemble

Storyteller J’miah Nabawi creates “Kinder-Tellers Storytelling Ensemble”

J’miah Nabawi (background atop a chair) with many of his “Artist Residency for Dramatic Arts Core-Groups” of 7th and 8th grade Drama students of Southside Middle School in Florence, SC. The students along with their parents and a few teachers have been traveling down to Savannah (GA) as his special guests to join him at the Savannah Children’s Books Festival’s “International Tent.” Under the direction of the middle school’s Fine Arts Department Chair, Mrs. Gloria P. Turner, J’miah has returned to Southside Middle School to work with new drama students each new school year since 2014 to present Anansesem Dramatic Arts as theater and social play.
Quiet on the set!

Dramatic Art Through Storytelling

K through 12 +