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GCA Launches Arts Education Campaign

Today, Georgia Council for the Arts (GCA) launches our Arts Education Campaign, featuring a series of slides highlighting the benefits of arts education paired with adoption tips outlining how local advocates can work to improve access to quality arts learning opportunities in their schools, districts, and communities.

Click on the image below to learn more about Georgia Council for the Arts’ Arts Education Campaign

Click on image below for J’miah Nabawi’s GCA Teaching Artist Registry Information



Teaching and learning across the curriculum through the arts is what ArtsNow is about.

“As a teacher of History, how can I get what J’miah Nabawi does as a performance storyteller, writer and crafts-person to connect with the National and State Standards, the knowledge and skills our students should have, within their K – 12 education careers?”  

 “ArtsNow provides professional learning opportunities, workshops and resources on arts and arts integration. . . .”

Give ArtsNOW a call. They will show you how!

Under the auspices of the South Carolina Arts Commission (SCAC), Public Libraries, Arts Festivals, Arts Organizations and Public Schools have successfully brought J’miah to their public events and schools over the years. 

   THANKS TO SOUTH ARTS, you can now bring J’miah to your home state outside of Georgia!

       Learn more at SOUTH ARTS

For more information and details, email J’miah Nabawi direct: