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Start the school year off with J’miah Nabawi’s up and active “couch-potato-busters,” Tell-Aerobic Tales™ (Tell-Aerobics™).  Along with Ball & Fitness™,Tell-Aerobics™ will be available for touring, presenting to schools, youth organizations and public events throughout 2017.

Posted: Nov 29, 2009 8:10 PM EST

By Kim Gusby
Jumping rope is a great way to exercise. But J’miah Nabawi has come up with a different approach to get kids up and moving. The award-winning storyteller is using books to fight the battle of the bulge. He calls it Tell-Aerobics.  “Tell-Aerobics is interactive storytelling that integrates physical exercise and aerobic activity into the telling of a folktale,” says Nawabi, “and it’s based on Anansesem, which is the telling of Ananse stories which have with them traditional folktale games and songs that create movement with the audience.”

Ananse stories are part of an ancient mythology that is rooted in West African folklore.  Anansi (Ananse) the spider is a trickster in the folk tales of the Ashanti people of Ghana.

Nabawi says the goal of Tell-Aerobics is to combat childhood obesity. Angela Lindsay, Director of the Ready for Learning Club believes a program that stimulates their minds and their muscles is the answer. “We all know about the statistics that are showing that our children are getting more and more out of shape and developing so many health issues that are so avoidable and this makes it fun… and children are always going to do something fun. If they can start really great, healthy habits at an early age… they’re hooked!”

But a good work-out is just a part of the program. “With storytelling involved, we have oral communication,” Nabawi says. “The other piece to this is that it is multi-cultural and it does expose children to oral literature from around the world.”

Making pages come to life… and making lifestyle changes… while they’re young.


“Appropiate for Physical Education (P.E.) classes, Tell-Aerobic-Tales can be introduced at all grade levels. Tell-Aerobic-Tales is a literacy (storytelling) program that infuses arts-based strategies that make connections to academic content and national curricular standards” ~ J’miah Nabawi



Clip Art Illustration of Stick Girls Playing Jump Rope


(Ki-Swahili for “Let’s jump!”)


Tell-Aerobic-Tales™ have been featured at various Family Outdoor Fitness Bazaars and at Middle Georgia State College (Warner Robins, GA) under the auspices of its Early Childhood and Special Education and its Social and Health Sciences Schools.  Tell-Aerobic-Tales™ are available for Health Education and Fitness seminars, Physical Education classes and special events programming promoting Family Fitness and Health.

Fun for all ages, bring Tell-Aerobic Tales™ to your health-related event and social gathering!

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Tell-Aerobics To Get Kids Exercising WSAV News 3 interview by Tina Tyus-Shaw  from J’miah Nabawi on Vimeo.


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