Presenting Arts Integration Content for Georgia Standards of Excellence (GSE) on Africa

Presenting Arts Integration Content for Georgia Standards of Excellence (GSE) on Africa

“There’s Rhythm in the Telling of a Tale™”

Focus areas: West Africa, Central Africa, Kenya and South Africa. An interdisciplinary arts-based presentation reflective of the story-dance-musical folktale drama of Africa, the program is available as a hands-on resource for schools, museums and community arts programming seeking activities related to the oral traditions (storytelling and song) and crafts (balafon/marimba-making) related to Africa. Designed to accommodate teachers, art instructors, cultural arts administrators and initiatives seeking supplemental material and activities related to Africa, the program is adaptable to align with various Department of Education (DOE) National Performance Standards (Standards of Excellence) for Language Arts, Music and Social Studies; Curriculum Maps; and Frameworks (models of instruction) for grades K-12.  There’s Rhythm in the Telling of a Tale has various interdisciplinary aspects that will avail themselves for collaborative efforts between the teacher(s), students, and the presenting Teaching Artist, J’miah Nabawi. This collaborative effort is to better address and serve classroom needs and the overall school community. The program may also be considered for CEU’s through workshops for teachers.

“African styles of advocacy (advising, counseling, guiding. The Yorùbá people of Nigeria, West Africa, have a distinguished history and tradition in oratory, drama and poetry.” Dr. Molefi K. Asante, Temple University, Philadelphia, PA.

Fully attired Egungun masquerade dance garment of the
Yorùbá people. Now in the permanent collection of the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis

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South Magazine’s International Issue, April-May 2007. Photo by Colin Douglas Gray