Coming this summer! Check it out! Check it out! BOOKS FOR GROWING MINDS STORYBOOKS ALIVE! 2024

Books for Growing Minds Storybooks Alive!

This summer (2024) you, your friends, and family will be able to join performing arts storyteller, J’miah Nabawi, in the celebration of books and the power of reading through the enchantment of folktales and interactive storytelling.

Books for Growing Minds Storybooks Alive! is active and here to join a host of other theme-based summer vacation programs for children (and youth) organized with the intentions of providing activities and strategies to help offset a phenomenon known as the “Summer Slide.” (Briefly, the “Summer Slide” is when educational and academic gains students make in the classroom during the school year begin to be forgotten, to slip away, those several weeks that children are out of school.)

Books for Growing Minds Storybooks Alive! is a program of high-energy that touches on several topics that may include science; language arts; math; music; and foreign languages by reading picture books aloud, physical play (creative movement); song; and interactive storytelling with rhythmic play. Everyone is encouraged to keep their minds tuned in to learning and sharp over the summer while having fun.

Conceived and presented by J’miah Nabawi, the program will primarily be available to local city and state-run agencies that provide children and family services; manage women shelters; our military veterans and their families; facilities for the homeless and unhoused; underserved rural, migrant, and immigrant communities.  

J’miah Nabawi’s Storybook Man character and animated reading program during summer breaks began in 1995 with READ Boston (Boston, MA) when former Boston Mayor, Tom Menino, invited him to join the team (Boston Public Libraries and the City of Boston) as READ Boston’s inaugural storyteller with the launch of Boston’s first comprehensive early literacy program and “Storymobile.”

The public is invited to attend and participate at locations open to the public wherever Books for Growing Minds Storybooks Alive!™ has been announced to appear.

Learn more about the program and how corporations, organizations, and individuals can participate, assist with supplies, make donations, and enjoy the program at:


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