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WOOD Makes Music!™ is a marimba-making experiential craft activity designed to introduce participants to the sonorous properties of wood and the application of specialized information (knowledge) to construct a musical instrument. The activity of construction is intentionally designed to show process and how art is easily integrated into science and how science is naturally integrated into the art. infusing the sociology of music and world cultures. WOOD Makes Music!™ is also a fun and engaging way to introduce and/or review various content and subject matter e.g. math concepts; the science of sound; wood types; ecology; conservation; world cultures and musical explorations in rhythm and ensemble music-making. WOOD Makes Music!™ promotes and supports GREEN initiatives by using recycled materials along with the store bought items. Students/participants are not subject to being harmed by hammering and nails as they are not needed or used for this particular teaching unit and lesson plan.

Residencies of at least 3 days are suggested for schools and public facilities interested in developing a teaching unit with a WOOD Makes Music!™component in mind. The residency will include creating core-groups of students to play the marimbas they assist in constructing and for ensemble performances throughout the life of the residency. Hear the joyous sounds and rhythms of a WOOD Makes Music!™ marimba by listening to The Baby Leopard, by Linda Goss, an audio-book/cassette published by Bantum Doubleday Books (1989).



A short story about

“How WOOD Makes Music!™ Came to Be”

(by J’miah Nabawi)

Wood Makes_From Paper to Wood_The Process_Music Week 2014WOOD Makes Music!™ began (and developed) as a playful response to the Franklin Institute Science Museum’s (Philadelphia, PA) open call to area performing artists to audition to be part of a national exhibit that was on tour and coming to the Franklin Institute.  “What Makes Music?” was the exhibit and the auditioning artists were challenged to present/perform the proposal they would offer to the public as an interactive presentation for the touring “What Makes Music?” exhibit.  Forming a frame-like base to lay some wood across them as keys of a xylophone (marimba) are, I put a few boards across the improvised wooden frame and struck them with two sticks (mallots). All you could hear was just “click-a-dee click-click-click,” the sound of wood hitting wood. There was nothing musical about it. The moment I took those same pieces of wood and frame underneath, added some rubber strips between the boards on top of the bare frame and the frame itself, and struck them, the previously flat click-click-click stick on wood sounds turned into a harmonizing, musical bing-ding-ding-bong-bong! They almost jumped out of their seats from the surprise!  Some of the judges even jerked back in their seats smiling and looking surprised when those harmonic tones came ringing out of  those oddly cut, unadorned mix-matched pieces of wood that included some of those old-fashioned reddish-brown “bed slats” and seemingly from nowhere. That got quite a laugh. (I still crack a smile every time I think back on that day.) Along with some of the other artists, WOOD Makes Music!™ got the call back and a residency contract to present at the museum for a six-week long museum exhibit. It was really as awesome artist residency and WOOD Makes Music!™ was now on the map, so to speak. I was later commissioned to construct and build. And that’s how WOOD Makes Music!™ came about. WOOD Makes Music!™ was eventually recognized and cited with a Proclamation by the Pennsylvania House of Representatives during an artist residency at the Blue Mountain School District’s cluster of schools later that year. 

In 2001, it became part of the Leonard Bernstein Artful Learning™ methodology of “Experience, Inquire, Create, Reflect” initiative through a U.S. Department of Education grant in partnership with Kennesaw State University (Kennesaw, GA) and the Grammy® Foundation. (Note: Artful Learning™ allows teachers and teaching artists to skillfully blend core academic subjects like science and math with character education and the arts [art integration] in a seamless transition.)

A segment of WOOD Makes Music!™ is now part of the national “Geek the Library” campaign in support of our local libraries across the nation and can be seen in the “Get Your Geek On” series of videos. WOOD Makes Music!™ is currently available for touring schools, community festivals and children’s museums.

I geek Marimbas
“I got my Geek On doing more research on the sonorous properties of wood and how marimbas are used for different festivities in different parts of the world. Go ahead, “Get Your Geek On” making visits to the public library and support your local libraries!” ~ J’miah Nabawi




Here’s an example of WOOD Makes Music!™ marimba keys going from plain wood (store-bought or recycled lumber, we encourage recycling) to colorful, thematic designs done with markers and crayons by summer camp participants at the Lutheran Church of the Ascension’s (Savannah, GA) for their 2014 Music Week.

(All bare feet and wood on deck!)

This plain pile of wood went from this . . .

WOOD Makes FEET and Wood pile_Music Week 2014

 to this!WOOD Makes Music_All finished_Lutheran Church Music Week Marimba 2014

And we’re done! The bare pile of wood is now transformed into a colorful, musical marimba! These colorfully designed pieces of musical marimba keys were first drawn on paper and then onto the wood and painted or colored in with water markers and  crayons by the children and camp directors.

Extended into an artist residency, WOOD Makes Music!™ becomes an engaging, fun INSTILLATION ART PROJECT where participants design and construct an oversized marimba that is left with the school and out on display. The marimba will also be tuned and usable for any future school musical activities as well.



Wood Makes Music_2

WOOD Makes Music!™ at the Coastal Georgia YMCA’s Pryme Tyme

after-school program, Gould Elementary, Garden City, GA





WOOD Makes Music!™  had its first public schools introduction as an arts-in-education/arts integration artist residency at Blue Mountain Elementary School East, Orwigsburg, PA in 1990.

Wood Makes Music_5th grade student ties down the keys

A 5th grade student nears completion of the marimba as he ties down the keys. Photo courtesy of Debbie Marteslo, Art Instructor, Blue Mountain Schools District


 Now read more about the program workshop and its description . . . and something about a “Baby Leopard.” lionUhhh, we have stories about you too, Mr. Lion.


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