Evidence of Invitation for an Artist Residency 2024

Dr. Yanis Medina
School Director
1709 Bull St.
Savannah, GA 31401

Storyteller J’miah Nabawi

Dear Storyteller J’miah Nabawi,
I would like to extend a warm welcome for you to complete your residency at Susie King Taylor
Community School (SKTCS). The proposed residency centered around ANANSESEM and its
accompanying “MMOGUO” (recreational folktale songs) with an ACCENT ON GHANA: ANANSESEM
and the Telling of ANANSE Tales.

I strongly believe the suggested curriculum and academic standards —Social Science, Language
Arts, Music, and Math— your residency would address in addition to the assembly of a “CORE
GROUP” of scholars to facilitate the various roles of Narrators, Rhythm Ensemble, Actors, and Props
Handlers would provide the SKTCS with an opportunity to be actively engaged in a wonderful
learning opportunity. Furthermore the culmination of a public performance for the SKTCS families
and community would undoubtedly be an experience to remember.

Not only will this opportunity positively impact our scholars, but it will further assist in the
completion of your book ANANSESEM: The Telling of Ananse Tales (A Teachers’ and Storyteller’s
Guide to Telling Ananse Tales in Story, Song, and Dance).

We appreciate your thoughtful consideration and look forward to a long and fruitful partnership
with you, Storyteller J’miah Nabawi.

Yours in Education,

Dr. Yanis Medina
Dr. Yanis Medina
School Director