Parent Engagement & Play

“Parent Engagement” has become the buzz words amongst educators involved with getting children “reading on grade-level” by 3rd grade and developing, expanding their vocabulary through reading-aloud and talking about the text. J’miah uses “games and physical play” as a lead-in to getting some whom may be reluctant to play with text and their voices.

Here’s an example of what a story that mentions a pile of “river rocks” can create after a tall tale telling and visit about an “Auntee Ree-Ree (Nana Ree-Ree)” during family day at the Appleton Museum of Art, Ocala, FL.  Note: Perhaps not shown as much in the following video, participants should actually be exchanging the stones faster and faster as the rhythm and tempo of the chant/song increases, trying not to drop the stones as they go along. Mmoguo always follows J’miah at family and corporate events, school assemblies and festivals. Video courtesy of Dana Crawford, Ocala, FL.


(Storytelling does not like idle talk!)